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About AMD

AMD is the Aerospace, Maritime and Defence

AMD is the Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Industries Association of South Africa and has as its primary objective the representation of the industry in matters of mutual interest and the promotion of a profitable, sustainable and responsible industry.

The Association is acknowledged as the only trade association of the South African defence industry (SADI) and is mandated by its members to promote and champion the collective interests of the industry. It comprises of a cluster of leading companies in the South African private and public sector engaged in industrial and trade processes of defence-related material, products and services.

AMD assists and provides guidance in harnessing the collective effort of the SADI as these companies play a key role in the defence acquisition and supply chain. This ensures that cost effective and sustainable solutions are offered to its broad client base that meets the most stringent technical requirements, comparing or even exceeding international standards.

AMD member companies supply products and services to the Department of Defence (DOD), government organisations and other contractors, both locally and internationally, in the defence and security market place. As the SADI is one of the cornerstones of a stable and growing South African economy, AMD is responsible for ensuring that a world-class indigenous defence industry capability is maintained in a sustainable manner. Providing high-tech solutions at competitive prices is a constant requirement to secure export orders, which in turn lead to skills development, job creation and retention. This also assists the South African government in executing its foreign policy imperatives and agreed upon international responsibilities in the region and African continent.

AMD’S Vision

“To create an enabling environment for SADI to ensure long-term sustainability locally and internationally”.

AMD’S Mission

“AMD is a credible and legitimate representative of SADI that contributes optimally to national security, industrial and technology objectives”.

SADI Common Interest

Profitability and sustainability.

Certainty of planning (content and horizon).

Home market advantages (including R&D, preferential access).

Government Support for Export (Political support); and

Responsible corporate citizenship.