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The South African Defence Industry, (SADI),

The South African Defence Industry, (SADI), is a cluster of South African private and public sector organizations that are involved in the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of landwards, aerospace and maritime defence systems as well as the provision of mission specific systems and sub-systems along with the required enabling capabilities like training, modelling and simulation.

Recently recognised as a strategic industrial sector of the South African economic landscape, the SADI’s uniqueness is further entrenched by the fact that it this sector is an integral part of the South African National Defence Force’s (SANDF) capabilities especially in relation to the support, maintenance, repair and overhaul of operational systems as well as being subject to stringent governmental regulations on non-proliferation and conventional arms control.

The SADI’s competitive advantages include not only price and quality of their products and systems, but also other considerations that count in its favour. One of the key characteristics of the SADI is its jealously guarded ‘independence’ as a defence industrial capability that can offer a viable alternative to non-aligned / non-NATO defence clients who value access to a reliable supply of defence equipment and services. Second, the size, ingenuity and interdependence of the SADI allow it to respond swiftly and flexibly to new requirements with some developments reaching fruition in 6 to 9 months from inception. Lastly, the SADI’s key and primary client, the SANDF, operates in the diverse and exacting climatic and geographical conditions of the African continent. This means the SADI’s offering is designed to function optimally in all these conditions and is thus ideal for most defence applications virtually anywhere in the world. All these factors are then made even more worthwhile by the strong defence electronics bias within the SADI making it an ideal partner that is able to offer systems design, engineering and integration capabilities in upgrading and customising foreign defence systems for third-party markets.